Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Tuesday 21 September Anti-Matters curated by

Richard Thomas (Resonance FM) an evening of talks about

negation, negative space, negative aesthetics, trash culture and anti-matter, including:

SHREDS – Stewart Home discusses anti-art, auto-destructive art and shreds books in an homage to John


The Psychoanalysis of Trash – Ken Hollings gives a lecture on how Ludwig II of Bavaria and Michael

Jackson, Elvis Presley and Big Daddy Roth, Morris Lapidus and Kenneth Anger can never be recycled.

Sewer Side – Anthropologist and broadcaster Bruno Rinvolucri (University of Oxford) has spent the last

two years exploring London’s sewer system, a subterranean negative space if ever there was one.

Destruction and Negative Space – Curator Mathieu Copeland discusses auto-destructive art, and art

and voids.

Anti-Matter – Dr.Ed Gerstner, physicist and the editor

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