Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Moot With No Name (Nov/Dec)

3 November - PSYCHIC CAFE - Murray Langham - Chocolate and Relationships
This experiential mini workshop uses chocolate flavours and shapes to help you to understand your true personality, how you communicate in relationships with partners and friends. Each shape and flavour has a different language - what is yours?
Murray Langham, is co-director of Schoc Chocolates in New Zealand, a therapist, counsellor, facilitator and author of Chocolate Therapy and Hot Chocolate.
Please note, Psychic Cafe events are £5 and start at 7.30

10 November - ANDREW MERCER - Ghosts!
Andy Mercer has filmed and recorded them for years and has many a true tale to tell...

17 November PAOLO CORTUCCI - Multidimensional Astrology
A lightweight look at astrology and some of its layers and levels through the charts of people (famous or otherwise) and events. The presentation will focus on the most intriguing and significant factors highlighted by these charts. We will also see how they can provide meaning and guidance. The charts will be used to expand participants
knowledge of astrology. Participants are welcome to provide their charts for discussion. A basic knowledge of astrology would be helpful.
Paolo Cortucci is a Diploma holder of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. He is the Facultys Head Tutor and serves on its Council. Paolo runs an astrological practice and is currently studying horary astrology.

24 November JOYCE FROOME & KERRIANN GODWIN The Pendle Witches
The Pendle Witchcraft case is a compelling human story which provides a dramatic insight into the importance of magic in the lives of our ancestors. Joyces recently published work on the Pendle Witches will also be available this evening.


The Atlantis Bookshop presents The Moot With No Name
Every Wednesday. £5/£3. 7:30 for 8pm start.
Opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand (near Aldwych) is a Tudor-style pub, the George. The Devereux is down the alley next to this. Contact The Atlantis Bookshop for further information

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