Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Hendrick's Lecture September Series

Talks and Lectures announced by the The Last Tuesday Society this autumn, from shrinking heads to Mad Animals & Women of The Golden Dawn.
Educational & Informative Talks start at 7pm on the dot at Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors, 11 Mare Street, E8

13th September 2010
Documentary & Myth Making with the Light and Shadow Parlour
The Light and Shadow Parlour will present a programme of short films that explore notions of documentary as myth-making, the threshold between fact and fiction and how to generate and perpetrate collective and personal memories and experiences through art and film.Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

14th September 2010
Charming Augustine with Zoe Beloff

Charming Augustine is inspired by series of photographs and texts on hysteria published in the 1870s in Paris. It is an experimental narrative based on the case of a young patient, Augustine.Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

15th September 2010
Bataille, Haiti and Voodoo with Dr John Cussans

The presentation will address the mythopoeic role of the Bois-Caïman ceremony in the story of Haitian Revoltion, its influence on sociological imagination of Europe in the forthcoming century, and the subsequent racialisation of the collective, revolutionary unconscious. Tickets £6 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

23rd September 2010
Hysteria with Julia Borossa

In her talk, Julia will explore the history of hysteria in relation to psychoanalysis and examine the hysterical identifications' of our time, from dictatorship to pop culture. Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

26th September 2010
Guided Tour of The Curiosity Museum

Guided Tour of The Curiosity Museum with its Curator in Chief, Viktor Wynd. Touch a human skull, play with surgical instruments and learn the history of his shrunken heads. Tour commences at 7pm, tickets £5

29th September 2010
19th Century Anarchists and the World that Never Was with Alex Butterworth

Alex Butterworth will present and discuss a revelatory portrait of an era with uncanny echoes of our own. Tickets £6 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

30th September 2010
Tim Knox on the Strange Genius of Sir John Soane

Tim Knox, Director of Sir John Soane s Museum in London draws upon Soane s own archive to paint a fresh picture of this strange, tormented genius of British architecture. Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

Further details and the October & November program also available on the website

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